Photography collage
About Rob Little

My passion for Photography started as a youngster. My main interests are in landscapes and cityscapes, having been fortunate to travel to many different parts of the world.

In my 20s I took a great deal of interest and I had a two SLRs - first a Practika recommended by a much older mentor who said although the East German camera was heavy and didn't look "sexy" the Carl Zeiss lens was fantastic and it represented great value for money. I took mainly transparencies.

Then I got a Pentax P3 - a great camera. The children followed quite quickly after and I was reduced to taking snaps - mainly prints.

I first got into Digital Photography about in 1999, my first camera being a Fuji MX2900 Zoom - a 2.3mp "digicam" in today's terms, but amongst the most expensive of its day with good write-ups. In 2002 I had a problem with the camera and Fuji offered to upgrade it with a 6900 zoom - a 3mp camera that interpolated pictures to 6mp. Much of my early work here was taken on this truly excellent camera.

After someone stole the 6900 Zoom from my Studio, I then made the huge mistake of "upgrading" to a similar Fuji S7000; which was a 6mp interpolating to 12mp and also had a so-called "RAW" file facility. In reality, JPEGs were far too aggressively compressed at 6mp (the only setting where RAW would work) so one was forced to use the interpolated 12mp setting. Then it took quite reasonable photos but by this time I had my eye on other hardware!

I bought my first Digital SLR in the USA in 2004 at a huge discount over the UK price - a 6mp Canon 300d (Digital Rebel in the USA). I also bought the Canon 28-135 Image Stabilised zoom lens to go with it. I was delighted with this camera and started getting heavily into RAW using "Capture One" to process files. However, on one icy day, when the camera was only a few months old I slipped on the ice and cracked the camera (and a rib) and ruined the plastic 18-55mm lens. So I was into an insurance situation and decided the plastic body on the 300d was vulnerable so, as the Canon 20d had just been launched out, I spent my insurance money on one of these. I actually managed to sell the broken camera on Ebay - for spares - and bought a reconditioned 300d body, which I use for my other lens. Finally, on the lens front, I decided to buy the Sigma 10-20mm lens, which really does give you a wide angle to the point of distortion if you are not careful. The 20d is simply a fantastic camera and more than enough for my needs, producing prints comfortably up to and exceeding 12" x 18" (A4 plus).

Latterly (I have had the 20d since 2005), I have resisted the temptation to upgrade to a 5d because the 20d and 300d are great cameras with fantastic lenses but are worth nothing. If I win on the lottery (which would be difficult as I don't buy tickets) I would no doubt go for the new 5d mark II.

I always have a camera in the car but not the SLRs which are too bulky to carry around. I bought two excellent digicams, at Adorama (superb Store) in New York, at just over 50% of what they could be bought for in the UK. The Canon IXUS 800IS is a fantastic little 8mp camera which takes great shots in good light - I actually have an enlarged photo on my lounge wall measuring 16" x 22" with no discernable pixilation. And in 2008 I bought a 12.1mp Canon G9, which is very much more than an IXUS taking excellent RAW files. In low light, pixilation can occur but this has to be the King of the Digicam and I do find myself using this camera a great deal because it is so portable and takes photos that are hard to tell from the SLRs

Also in 2008 I procured a HD video camera which was probably a rash move as I hardly ever use it. Its a Sony HD Video Camera (HDR SR10) and I am not exactly clear what its purpose will be or how easy it will be to edit the HD video files. It takes 4mp stills at the same time as videoing to it might be a useful thing to carry with me on the off chance I can take video of some disaster and make my fortune by selling the footage to the press!

My most recent investment has been a Fuji HS10 – a “Bridge” camera. I decided that it was cumbersome carrying the SLRs and lenses around so decided to go back to Fuji! This time I did my research and decided that the HS10 with its 30x zoom and RAW files facility (albeit not visible using Capture One) was the best bet and up until now I am delighted with the results. And the camera takes great HD video too although it’s a bit jerky when panning.

To be continued….. !